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Although the chakras exist within the subtle or astral body, the influences they

exert over the physical body, mind and emotions are very real. When prana, or

life force, flows unimpeded through the body an individual is healthy, energetic

and filled with an unshakable peace and contentment. However, when that

energy becomes blocked or unbalanced a host of physical symptoms and

maladies can begin to manifest.

Blockages and imbalances can be caused by a number of factors. Everything

from environmental stress, to diet can impact the flow of energy through your

body. Even improper breathing can create a problem with energy flow.


Problems arise whenever a blockage prevents life energy from flowing freely from one chakra to the next. Each chakra governs

over specific aspects of an individual’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional self. Whenever a chakra becomes blocked or

unbalanced then the aspects governed by that particular chakra can begin to suffer.

It is usually the aspects governed by the effected chakra that manifest illness most noticeably at first. However, a disrupted

prana flow often causes imbalances in subsequent chakras beyond the initial blockage as well.

In short, the blocked basin is no longer able to fill and spill into the next. Ultimately, the result of a chronically blocked chakra

is catastrophic breakdown throughout the entire energy system.

Chakra blockages usually coincide with specific intellectual and emotional problems. These can be unhealthy attitudes or biases

inherent in an individual’s upbringing (and hence learned), hidden traumas, or any of a number of other psychological issues.

Regardless of the cause, the effect is the same: the individual’s scope of action and awareness is severely restricted.

In a similar way the flow of prana through the chakra corresponding with the unhealthy mental prejudice becomes restricted.

Vital energy can no longer flow freely through the energy channels (nadis). This creates a sort of negative feedback wherein the

individual becomes more restricted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a result, the flow of prana becomes

even more restricted continuing the destructive cycle.

Chakra Healing System

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