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Life Coaching

As a Life coach, I can help my clients to be happier, more well-rounded and healthy. Whether they are looking to build their confidence, improve their relationships or achieve a life-goal – I can help make it happen.

Image by Jonathan Borba
Image by Austin Kehmeier


Mindfulness practice often embodies eight attitudes that contribute to the growth and flourishing of your mind, heart and body. In my program, I will help you work on developing and/or improving the following attitudes:
1. Learner’s Mind – Seeing things as a visitor in a foreign land, everything is new and curious.
2. Nonjudgmental – Becoming impartial, without any labels of right or wrong or good or bad.
Simply allowing things to be.
3. Acknowledgment – Recognizing things as they are.
4. Settled – Being comfortable in the moment and content where you are.
5. Composed – Being equanimous and in control with compassion and insight.
6. Letting be – Letting things be as they are with no need to change them.
7. Self-reliant – Deciding on your own, from your own experiences, what is true or not.
8. Self-compassionate – Loving yourself as you are with no criticism or self-reproach.


Can you envision a state of mind where there is no harsh, condemning judgment of yourself or of others?
This state of mind does not view the world in terms of good and evil or right and wrong; it sees only
“suffering and no suffering.” What would happen if we did not judge any of the things that we see? We
would see things that bring happiness and things that bring pain but we would not see fear, guilt or
shame. Wouldn’t it be remarkable if we saw the world this way? When we only see suffering and no
suffering, we feel compassion. Let's talk.

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