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5 natural ways to activate the thyroid - even up to 80%!

Thyroid, hypothyroidism and metabolism have been hot topics for the last 10 years. In addition to appropriate information, 10 times more misinformation has emerged on how the functions of thyroids should be cured and how hypothyroidism should be treated. An example of this is an iodine supplement which has no effect on autoimmune disease and there’s no research evidence, but it’s still advertised as a solution. It is a different thing if an iodine deficiency has been diagnosed in a person. In this text, I present reliable information based on research evidence about treating hypothyroidism.

First of all - do you know what kind of disease hypothyroidism is? I wonder almost every day how many people with hypothyroidism don’t know the pathology of the disease.

90% of hypothyroidism is chronic autoimmune inflammation - which means that the body produces antibodies against thyroid tissue and prevents them from creating enough active hormones. This is a lifelong disease and the lack of hormones increases constantly.

Other cases of hypothyreosis are the result of surgeries or radioactive iodine therapy. Iodine deficiency is sometimes a big problem but rarely causes significant hypothyroidism in an otherwise healthy person.

Unfortunately, a big portion of hypothyroidism diagnoses are incorrect and made with vague symptoms or using indefinite blood test results. These people are unknowingly destroying their thyroids with medication.

When we talk about the thyroid gland, we usually talk about thyroxine and specifically its free or active part. In medicine, the abbreviation T4V is used.

Its functions in the body and physiological effects:

● Increases hearts work and pulse

● Speeds breathing up

● Increases resting metabolic rate

● Increases the effect of stress hormones

● Increases the breakdown of carbohydrates and muscle proteins to energy

● Activates the autonomic nervous system

● Many other functions

What are the ways that have been researched to be effective in promoting thyroids’ functions?

Aloe barbadensis/vera

The effect of aloe on hypothyroidism has been studied very little, but the most interesting study was made in 2018, which looked at 30 women with hypothyroidism. They were given aloe barbadensis juice daily for 9 months. The results were significant - autoimmune antibodies decreased by 56%, TSH by 61% and T4V increased by 23%! Therefore, aloe barbadensis clearly has a calming effect on autoimmune thyroiditis. (1)


Zinc and selenium are both minerals involved in thyroid metabolism. The low levels of both substances in the blood increase the risk of hypothyroidism. Both have been recommended for thyroid diseases. But what do we know about the effectiveness of these? A study in 2015 of 68 overweight women with hypothyroidism provided evidence. The effect of selenium, zinc, and a combination of these was studied on thyroid hormone levels. Zinc alone and in combination with selenium substantially improved TSH and T4 levels, while selenium had no effect. (2) Although selenium is widely recommended, its use can even lower thyroid hormone levels. (3)

Quit active and passive smoking

In a study in 2009 (as in numerous others) it was found that passive smokers had 9.2% and active smokers 12.6% lower levels of T4 than non-smokers. The same trend was seen in other thyroid hormones. (4)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the biggest health risks in Western countries, exposing us to many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and apparently also to auto-immune hypothyroidism. A study from 2016 found that patients with auto-immune thyroiditis initially had lower levels of vitamin D and that vitamin D supplements significantly reduced their levels of antibodies. Other values also improved in the study. (5) “Vitamin D intake may be critical with these people,” say the researchers.

Regular exercise

In a study in 2015, it was found that in women with hypothyroidism 3 months of regular exercise for an hour a day improved thyroid hormone levels by up to 80%! (6) This makes all non-medicated means the most effective method of improving thyroid levels.

As we can see, basic rules of being healthy are the best support to thyroid functions, in addition to a few minerals. All the other recommendations are for the most part speculation. Sleep well, eat healthy food, exercise, manage stress, lower your low-grade inflammatory conditions, and your thyroid and your whole body will feel better.


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