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Chakra Clearing (English Version)

  • 7Days
  • 14Steps


The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word cakra which means “circle”, “wheel”, or “disc”. It stems from the Proto-Indo-European root kwel which means “turning” or “cycle”. In the framework of yoga, however, the chakras are more accurately pictured as vortexes energy. These vortexes exist in the spiritual body, rather than the physical body. All life is infused with vital energy called prana. This energy, or life force, flows throughout the spiritual body along specific energy channels or nadis. The chakras are focal points connecting these channels. Prana collects at the chakras as it flows through the body, making these points whirlpools of vital energy. Chakra healing is any means whereby chakra blockages are removed and healthy energy flow is restored to the subtle body. There are a number of methods whereby this can be accomplished. The chakras are subject to the will. As such, they respond to intention. This means that the effectiveness of any chakra treatment is directly proportional to the desire of the individual to get better (and his or her belief that the healing will be effective). The intention of this challenge is to help you clear and balance your chakras, focusing on one per day.

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